• No Damage Would Happen While Solar Power Input Is Reverse-connected Sustainedly.Controller Willgo On Working After Correcting The Reversed Connection.
  • Waterproof,Anti-corrossion,Insulated Protections Are Specially Designed For Circuit Board.The Housing Is Also Waterproof.
  • Multiple Output Modes.The Controller Provides A Variety Of Output Modes(Light Control,Time Control,Morning Light) Feasible For Various Applications.
  • The Controller Could Calculate Cumulative Power Generated,Remaining Power,Rpm,Current,Temperature And Other Data.
  • The Controller Provides Automatic Wind Turbine MPPT(Input Maximum Power Tracking) Mode,Or 5-segment Matching Curve Input Configuration Mode (RPM Vs Input Current Curve,Or Input Voltage Vs Input Current Curve),Which Could Maximize The Power Generation Efficience Under Low Wind Speed.


色:12v 24v Car


1.Waterproof,anti-corrossion,insulated protections are specially designed for circuit board.The housing is also waterproof.

2.Optional TTL232 communication.Standard TTL232 communicationmicro-port make it easy to monitor the system on a computer.(RS485,short distance wireless optional),with USB to RS232 cable,it's very convenient to exchange data between controller and computer.

3.No damage would happen while solar power input is reverse-connected sustainedly.Controller willgo on working after correcting the reversed connection.

4.The controller provides automatic wind turbine MPPT(input maximum power tracking) mode,or 5-segment matching curve input configuration mode (RPM vs input current curve,or input voltage vs input current curve),which could maximize the power generation efficience under low wind speed.

5.multiple output modes.The controller provides a variety of output modes(light control,time control,morning light) feasible for various applications.

6.The controller could calculate cumulative power generated,remaining power,RPM,current,temperature and other data.
The controller displays not only conventional data such as output current/voltage/power of wind turbine/solar panel/battery,but also the cumulative power generated by wind/solar,remained battery power and RPM.
Wind:input voltage/current/power/cumulative power/RPM/unloading current
Solar:input voltage/current/power/cumulative power
Battery:Voltage/charging curent/power/cumulative power

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